Ed Li

What is Strength? A Different Perspective on Non-Traditional Strengths

Strength is often thought of as a positive trait, like being social, intelligent, or hardworking. However, it's important to recognize that negative or neutral attributes, like being greedy or having a disability, can also be a source of strength.

The key to understanding strength is to consider its practical meaning: it gives the person an advantage. For example, having long legs would give someone an advantage in running fast.

When we view strength through this lens, it becomes clear that non-traditional attributes can also provide an advantage. For instance, being an ex-prisoner may give someone a heightened awareness of their social environment, which could be useful in a dangerous situation or as a bodyguard.

It's especially important for those in disadvantaged positions, such as those with low income or education levels, to recognize their unique strengths and explore opportunities that are suited to them, rather than trying to compete on traditional strengths that they may not have a chance of winning.