Ed Li

All my startup ideas suck

As an entrepreneur, I have always been on the lookout for the next big idea. But after nearly four years and countless failed attempts, I've come to realize that I simply don't have a knack for generating successful startup ideas. I've tried all the usual techniques - living in the future, speaking with potential users - but none of them have worked for me. My ideas are either too similar to others or don't solve any real problems.

Despite my many setbacks, my failures have actually been a valuable learning experience, thanks to my tendency to build quickly. I have built so many projects that I have become an experienced Bubble developer, capable of building anything on the platform within a few days. I have also developed a sense for spotting bad ideas or startup traps from a distance, due to my numerous failures.

This is why I am launching the Open Project Founder Program. Through this program, I will invest up to a year of my time working with a batch of promising founders, offering my development skills in exchange for 3% equity in their companies when they incorporate. While it is likely that most projects will fail, by filtering out the bad ideas and taking on a large number of projects, I am increasing my chances of finding a founder with a winning idea and being a part of their journey.